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some of our community projects


Human Inspired Robot Brain


Beats & Electronic Music Cube


Microbial Fuel Cell


DIYbio optogenetics system

GDG Mississippi

Google Dev Group Mississippi


Skin Wearable with biosensors


Here's our story..

  • 2011-2012

    Our Humble Beginnings

    After returning back from an amazing community science experience at Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, we felt that something was missing here. In 2012, when we began working on HIRBuino project, the need was direly felt for a community science & tech space, at least equipped for microelectronics tinkering. So we built a small microelectronics workshop for ourselves.

  • July 2012

    Maker Library

    As we found more like-minded tinkerers and collaborators, we found that Arduino projects, kickstarter projects and generally the maker enthusiasm and resourcefulness had a time limit. Active support in this limited window of opportunity can be decisive in converting developers into successful entrepreneurs. Seeking efficiency, our maker-space evolved into project-centred pool of makers and temp spaces, and this resource pool is still growing!

  • 2013-2014

    Project and Maker diversity

    Our projects have seen an evolution from ones involving simple arduino-based physical computing to bold innovations in IoT and wearable tinkering. Diverse projects involving robotics with Roomba iCreate and DAGU thumper, or the DIY biology projects were completed or are on-going.

  • 2015

    What's next?

    Through our collaboration with partners, backers and local community, we hope to expand a dedicated community space that will serve as a platform for tinkerers and bootstrapped entrepreneurs looking for space, skills and resources.

Partners & Backers

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